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  1. Sep 26

    Middle East

    I'm on assignment in Jerusalem.

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  2. Sep 14

    Breast Cancer in Saudi Arabia: A Woman Doctor Breaking Taboos

    Aramco World Magazine sent me to Saudi Arabia to shoot astory about brave Dr. Samia Al-Amoudi, a breast cancer activist and survivor,  “breaking the silence”, as she says, in the Arab world regarding the disease.   I first met Dr. Samia at a small working lunch for top global breast…

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  3. Sep 11


      Thinking of strong, fabulous peace activist Talat today.   Her son Salman Hamdani died at the World Trade Center trying to help victims.    He was a police cadet and emergency worker.   I accompanied Talat and her family to Ground Zero 9/11/2001.   Thinking of friend Bill Biggart today. He was a photojournalist who died on 9/11…

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  4. Aug 19

    20th Anniversary of Soviet Coup

    August 19, 1991, 20 years ago today: the Soviet coup in Moscow. Much of the action happened at the Beeleh Dom (Russian White House) across the street from my apartment on the Moscow River.  I woke up on a Sunday morning to find tanks rolling down Kutuzovsky Blvd. In this…

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  5. Aug 03

    National Geographic Traveler: Egypt’s New Day

    On the NatGeo website : some pix I shot for Egypt's New Day, in the September 2011 issue of National Geographic Traveler. It was truly amazing to be in the great Pharaonic sites with so few tourists. While that is fantastic for the traveler, times are tough for Egypt, whose…

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  6. Jul 27

    More on news End of the Road documentary by Steven Soderbergh

    More from Steven Soderbergh on his new documentary about my father Aram Avakian’s 1970 movie End of the Road, a rediscovered cinematic treasure, a cutting edge indie classic to be released by Warner Brothers on BluRay in October: End of the Road trailer:  

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  7. Jul 26

    End of the Road movie!

    Very excited that my father Aram Avakian's ground-breaking 1970 indie movie, End of the Road, has been resurrected by the great director Steven Soderbergh and Warner Bros. My mother Dorothy Tristan is the female lead, Rennie. My Uncle George Avakian supervised the music. Scheduled for release in autumn 2012 by Warner Brothers on BluRay…

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  8. Jul 19


    Back from Mexico. To San Francisco soon.

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