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  1. Feb 19

    Book News

    WINDOWS OF THE SOUL: My Journeys in the Muslim World News About Alexandra Avakian's Memoir Hi Everybody, Time for some updates on press coverage of Windows of the Soul: My Journeys in the Muslim World. This month I'm featured in a full page article in Washingtonian magazine called "Art Among…

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  2. Jan 29


    Traveling in the Islamic Republic of Iran was one of my most personal journeys and is in the second chapter of my book. You probably want to know: why would an American woman with all the freedom in the world want to subject herself to so much time in the…

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  3. Dec 19

    The Palestinians

    Palestinian girl holding a dove on the roof of her home in the Shati Refugee Camp in Gaza. My book Windows of the Soul is divided into six chapters/locations. I decided it was better to go into depth in a few places than to skip superficially through twenty countries. So,…

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  4. Nov 22

    Being a Woman Photographer: An Important Part of the Journey

    The Holy Shrine of Hazrat Fatemah Ma'soomeh It is Foto Week here in Washington, D.C., and I've been busy going to exhibitions, events. I also helped hang a photo exhibit I'm part of which was the kick-off event of the week, by Contact Press Images, the photo agency I belong…

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  5. Oct 28

    Born Into Art

    Now I'll move on to the personal intro of the book, but these photos are not in it. This is a self-portrait of my dad in the New York City subway at Penn Station, taken in the 1950s before I was born. He was a photographer and TV editor then;…

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  6. Oct 17


    Also in the front-of-the-book essay is this photo of a Savannah, Georgia, mosque that was burned to the ground in an arson attack in the summer of 2003. The attack followed threatening letters and gunshots fired at the mosque in the night. Muslim Americans were under quite a lot of…

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  7. Oct 17


    I’ve been to Egypt several times, snorkeling in the Red Sea, sailing the Nile down to Luxor and Aswan, visiting the lake at Fayyoum, the Pyramids, and Cairo. The women in this picture from the photo essay at the front of the book were waiting for a bus in Cairo.…

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  8. Oct 16


    Though based in Moscow, I traveled widely in Iraq after the first Gulf War and returned in 1999 to cover Iraq’s problem with looted archaeology. Saddam Hussein’s Iraq was a difficult, miserable, fear-soaked universe crawling with informants. People could not even trust family members, much less neighbors. A child might…

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