Jerusalem and Gaza

Posted on November 1, 2011 by Alexandra Avakian

Just finished an assignment in Jerusalem. I’ll post the story when it is published in a major American magazine soon, but till then can’t discuss. I can tell you though that Jerusalem is as extraordinary, passionate, and lovely as ever. I have been there countless times.

After Jerusalem I spent three blue days in Gaza. Though under a blasting autumn sun, it is darker than the last time I was there. People are so quick to anger now, their frustration deeper and their sense of hope all but vanished. I was looking for the “dove girl” in this photo, in the Shati refugee camp, to see what her life is like now. No sign of her and I ran out of time, had to tear myself away…but I will continue next time.

It was wonderful to see friends there and to know their views on how it is to be Gazan now.

I worked on the story of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict and peace process on and off for eight years----between 1988-1996, and lived in Gaza from 1993-1995, and Palestinians is the name of a chapter of my photo memoir Windows of the Soul, My Journeys in the Muslim World, published by National Geographic.

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