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  1. Mar 15

    KXCI Community Radio: 30 Minutes - Alexandra Avakian - Windows of the Soul

    National Geographic photographer Alexandra Avakian drops by the KXCI studios to talk about her new book "Windows of the Soul" while she is in Tucson for the Festival of Books. Listen here

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  2. Mar 01

    Washingtonian Magazine        

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  3. Feb 28

    National Geographic/Radio

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  4. Feb 09

    Chicago Public Radio: World View

    Photojournalist Alexandra Avakian stops by Chicabo Public Radio studios to discuss war photography and her work in the Muslim world. Listen here

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  5. Feb 02

    Voice Of America: Exploring Conflict in the Muslim World

    Photojournalist Alexandra Avakian chronicles her travels through several Islamic countries with stunning photographs and riveting commentary. Read full article

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  6. Feb 02 Art Amid the Ruins

    She’s been shot at and beaten. Through it all, this photojournalist captured amazing images of war—and peace. Read full article

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  7. Jan 03

    National Geographic Live!: Alexandra Avakian

    Photographer Alexandra Avakian shares her journey in the Muslim world and tells the stories behind her photographs. Original link

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  8. Dec 29

    Behind the Photo: Alexandra Avakian, Iran

    Alexandra Avakian describes how a quiet moment can create a memorable composition. See All National Geographic Videos

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