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  1. May 05

    Avakian’s Gaza blog post for Annenberg Space For Photography, WAR/Photography exhibition

    Alexandra Avakian's Gaza blog post for Annenberg Space For Photography, WAR/Photography exhibition, currently showing in Los Angeles until June 2:

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  2. Apr 12

    The Candid Frame interview

    Please click here to listen to The Candid Frame interview by clicking on the MP3 file on the webpage:

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  3. Apr 04

    Alexandra Avakian’s Iris Nights/Annenberg Space For Photography slide lecture video

    My slide lecture for Iris Nights, Annenberg Space For Photography, in conjunction with the current WAR/Photography exhibition:

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  4. Mar 24

    Los Angeles Times

    Los Angeles Times:

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  5. Dec 31

    US Ambassador Heffern and Alexandra Avakian speak at Windows of the Soul exhibit

    US Ambassador John Heffern and I speak at the Windows of the Soul exhibit. The program centered on cross-cultural understanding in a turbulent region:

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  6. Nov 17

    Nat Geo video

    National Geographic recently posted this interview with me, on TV Guide's website:

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  7. Oct 31

    Taboo-breaking Arab woman doctor in Aramco World Magazine

    My story about Saudi Arabia's Dr. Samia al - Amoudi, taboo-breaking breast cancer activist:

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  8. Sep 30

    Nat Geo Traveler: Egypt’s New day

    National Geographic Traveler sent me to Egypt to shoot this story for them. Click here:

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